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I am a photographer from Kamloops, BC, Canada.  Photography has become my passion over the last 8 years.  I enjoy shooting beautiful women in many types of photography including glamour, swimsuit, portrait, boudoir, and artistic.  I also enjoy shooting nature, and wildlife on walks around the city, or trips throughout the country.


I started shooting wildlife and nature shots in 2010, and practicing to use the camera while learning the settings controls.  In fall of 2012, I started going to a couple workshops to learn how to use off camera flash, and started taking portrait style photographs using 1 or 2 flash setups in the studio, and outdoors.  I enjoy shooting glamour, swimsuit, portrait, boudoir, and artistic styles of photography.  Depending on the shoot, I may be hired or set up a time for photo shoot, and when I can I do look to hire models for some shoots.