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I started taking photos, because I enjoyed seeing images of nature, wildlife, birds, and women that had captured a moment in time that I could look at and feel the beauty of the photo.  I wanted to create those images that I could look back on, and enjoy looking at them whenever I wanted.  This website is here to hold onto all the images that I could look back on that I have taken.  


Nature photos are mostly of the small things that people may overlook, but a few landscapes that inspired.

Wildlife photos will be whatever animals I have seen in my travels, whether in a zoo, or out in the wild.

Bird photos have started to become separate from animals, as there are so many varieties to capture.

Women photos are mostly of soft glamour, swimsuit, boudoir, and with a little bit of portraits or nude.


Most of my shoots are TFP, as I do photography more for the joy of shooting and making beautiful photos. All my favorite shots end up on my website that I have been maintaining for the past 10 years, since I started shooting. I like to post a photo on social media pages usually daily, when I am not fed up with their restrictions and algorithms. Currently, that is only Facebook at the moment. When not shooting, I have been going back over old shoots and practicing my editing style by doing re-edits. My vision of my photos has changed little by little over the years, and I see things quite differently since I first started.


If you are interested in shooting with me, drop me a message. I usually like to shoot on weekends, Sundays are best, as I still work full time at the Home Depot, which is a fairly physical job, and can be quite tiring to try and shoot in the evenings. I prefer to shoot the swimsuit, soft glamour, and boudoir in nature, but may shoot glamour portraits, or nudity upon request. I define soft glamour as sexy photos with skin or underwear teasing from underneath regular clothes, where a glamour portrait would be sexy clothes, but showing less skin, and no underwear peeking out.


Thank you, Michael L Beach



I am a photographer from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.  I have been shooting since 2010, and I love shooting nature, wildlife, and women.