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Photography can be an escape from the everyday.  A way to capture the nature of the places I go.  To capture the views of the hills, lakes, and trees all around us, or of the small little leaf, berry, or rocks that we pass by, sometimes without noticing.  Where the wonder of an animal just going about its day, pauses to wonder why this human is staring so closely at it, and pointing some strange device in its direction.  To capture the wonder, for that human to look up at it, and remember the peace of just existing.  And to admire the beauty of women.  To capture that beauty in a way that allows us to view them as they might appear in a magazine portrait, a sexy swimsuit, or a sensual boudoir.  The photos I capture are the way I look at the world, and wish to remember it.  Looking back on the places I have been, the wonder that is out there, and the beauty I have seen, all while looking and hoping to find the next great place, animal, or beautiful woman to capture in my lens.


I am a photographer from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.  I have been shooting since 2010, and I love shooting nature, wildlife, and women.