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I started taking photos, because I enjoyed seeing images of nature, wildlife, birds, and women that had captured a moment in time that I could look at and feel the beauty of the photo.  I wanted to create those images that I could look back on, and enjoy looking at them whenever I wanted.  This website is here to hold onto all the images that I could look back on that I have taken.  


Nature photos are mostly of the small things that people may overlook, but a few landscapes that inspired.

Wildlife photos will be whatever animals I have seen in my travels, whether in a zoo, or out in the wild.

Bird photos have started to become separate from animals, as there are so many varieties to capture.

Women photos are mostly of soft glamour, swimsuit, boudoir, and with a little bit of portraits or nude.


I am stepping away from social media posts, again, as I feel there is nothing there for me.  I take photos as a hobby for images that I enjoy looking at, and realize to make money at it, I would have to take images that I do not enjoy taking.  Posting on social media was supposed to help me be seen, and have people want to buy images, or have me take photos of them in the style I enjoy, but fighting against algorithms, and censorship just isn't worth the time.  Especially when I only see 5 to 10 people enjoying my images on a daily basis, and mostly I just waste about an hour a day trying to reach the world that just seems unreachable.


I am a photographer from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.  I have been shooting since 2010, and I love shooting nature, wildlife, and women.