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Welcome to Michael L Beach Photography.  I am a glamour, swimsuit, and art nude photographer based in Kamloops, British  Columbia, Canada.


I have been taking portrait style photographs for the past 3+ years, using 1 or 2 flash setups in the studio, and outdoors.  I focus on shooting glamour, swimsuit, and more recently trying out a more artistic style of shoots.  I am currently shooting with a few models on a time for photo basis, but also will hire models when I can for the more artistic shoots, or some of my themed shoots.  Any models interested in shooting should send me a message on my Facebook page, and understand that any photos from a time for photo, or hired shoot may be posted on a social media site, unless the image contains nudity.  If you are interested in shooting but may not want some of the images to be released, then I can be hired for personal glamour shoots as well.